Bridal Updo
$95.00 - Pre-consultation up do and up do for the day of the wedding. Prices are $95.00 & up.
(Pre-consultation only $65)
$50.00 - Full permanent or full temporary color application. Prices are $50 & up
Deluxe Manicure
$35.00 - A Spa manicure plus sugar scrub to hands up to elbows, longer massage and paraffin treatment.
Deluxe Pedicure
$45.00 - Spa pedicure with a ten minute massage (foot to knee), salt scrub and mask.
Add on a French or American Manicure
$10.00 - Add on for manicures.
Highlights and Lowlights
$65.00 & up - Foil or cap plus a deep conditioning treatment.

Shoulder length and shorter $65.00

Below shoulder $75.00

Mid back $90.00

Below mid back $105.00
Men and Children under 10 Haircut
$20.00 & up - Men and children 10 and under.
Mini Manicure
$20.00 - Buff, shape nails, light massage and polish application
Mini Pedicure
$25.00 - Buff, shape nails, light massage and polish application.
Nail Art
$5.00 - Flowers, lady bugs, etc. Add $5.00 a pair.
$65.00 & up - Spiral, Body Wave, etc.

Price may increase due to hair length, volume or condition.
Shampoo, Cut, Blow Dry, and Style
$50.00 & up - Shampoo, cut, blow dry, and style.
Spa Manicure
$25.00 - File, buff, soak nails, cuticle work, soothing massage up to elbows and polish application.
Spa Pedicure
$35.00 - A whirl foot spa, exfoliation, callous softening, cuticle and nail work, 5 minute foot / leg massage and polish application.